It was the premiere of Jennifer Lopez’s This Is Me…Now: A Love Story last night in Hollywood with other stars besides Bennifer in attendance to support JLo’s big swing, including America Ferrera, taking a break from Oscar campaigning to show up for a big sister.  


Yesterday was a big press day for JLo with the Variety cover story and also a new interview with Zane Lowe.

A subtle drop is never going to be JLo’s thing – and I love this about her. She’s always going to hustle the hardest for herself.  


As for the Bennifer appearance – I wrote yesterday about how often people get them wrong, how the assumption that he doesn’t want to be there or that he’s unhappy is so off-base but so hard to shake. Those haters will no doubt smear their f-cked up take on the visuals that Bennifer was giving us last night but, really, the only thing to take away from this is that he’s proud of her, he’s there for her, and she feels the same.  


Here's Ben filming his wife on the carpet.

And here’s JLo, at the screening, talking about how he inspires her – and getting choked up about it: 


Like I said, to me there is nothing to hate here. I can’t wait to see this film and the subsequent documentary.  

As for Ben’s work, and JLo’s participation in it, she was asked on the carpet last night about the new Dunkin’ Super Bowl ad and she called him a genius – it’s at the end of this clip:


Dunkin’ has released the full-length version which I’ll embed below but those tracksuits? Sold out in under 20 minutes. Note what she says at the end, about him calling her and asking her to be in things – a lot of gossips just skip over this but it goes back to what I wrote yesterday and the point I’m trying to make today: they both involved each other, willingly. That’s just not how it’s covered and reported.