It’s a thrill almost every time I check the inbox and see that Jennifer Lopez has decided to share her life. 


Last time it was for the Bennifer one year wedding anniversary but, disappointingly, it was only the lyrics to her song “Midnight in Vegas” and a video of her listening to a snippet of it. Not the kind of content we thirst for!

The birthday, however, is different. Because it’s all about her. Which was the theme of the latest installment of the newsletter which is still hilariously lo-fi. 

For her birthday, JLo gifted us with three videos and a collage. One of the videos was of all the flowers she was sent. The other features her showing off her 54 year old body in a bikini. And finally she’s showing us footage from her birthday brunch or dinner, during which she decided to get up on the table and dance. 


Ben Affleck isn’t seen in the videos but he is seen in the photo collage: 

LOL the expression on his face in the shot to the right – like he’s surprised to find himself there, but not really. We’ve long stopped pretending that he’s a hostage in this relationship, right? She is his wife, they are married now, they’ve blended their families… and we are better for the existence and persistence of Bennifer in the gossip ecosystem. 


Speaking of families though, and what’s bound to get the MiniVan Majority and the JLo haters in a rage – it looks like his kids were there, or at least Violet was because you can see a quick glimpse of her. And so there will probably be some people yelling about propriety and whether or not, gasp, a mother should be celebrating herself in this way. 

You know what’s more interestingly controversial, at least to me? I came across this article in Homes & Gardens and they’re saying that a shower window is a “controversial design choice”. JLo posted a video a couple of months ago in her bathroom and you can see there’s a window in the shower

I know nothing about home design, I have no opinions, I probably have sh-tty taste, so this is new for me – that some people consider a shower window to be a thing. BUT WHY?! If my bathroom was set up this way I would for suurrrre have a shower window?! I’m lucky, there is a window in my bathroom but it’s not in the shower. And I would love to look out the window while I’m taking a shower… what could possibly be the problem?