In my post on Monday about Bennifer’s first wedding anniversary, this is what I wrote: “…for f-ck’s sake, how long has it been since we’ve had a new installment of her newsletter, On The JLo?!”


Curse and you shall receive. A new edition of On The JLo arrived in my inbox last night. She shared a snippet from a song called “Midnight Trip to Vegas” from her upcoming album along with the lyrics. No surprise what the song is about – it was already obvious last year when she announced the track list that it was in reference to them getting married in Vegas last July. 

The newsletter came with a video. I was very excited about the video because I thought maybe she’d be going into her vault to show us some new footage of her and Ben being corny in Vegas or of them just being corny on a regular Tuesday. This is not what she gave us. It’s basically just a selfie video and she’s lit beautifully, of course, lip synching a few seconds of the song. 


As you can see, she is very into her own song, and I get it, it’s personal to her. She’s allowed to be hype for her own music. I can’t say, however, that I’m all that hype for this music. Obviously that could change when we get the full track and can listen to it with better audio, but right now, I’m not feeling it. 

Anyway, here’s JLo yesterday after having lunch at The Ivy. It’s at least the second time she’s been seen there recently because she was also seen there with Violet a week ago. What is this… 2003? It’s an interesting choice if you know your gossip history. 

September 2003 is when Bennifer was supposed to get married the first time. That never happened, they called it off, blaming the media attention – and then on the day of the wedding, they showed up for dinner at The Ivy to make a point that even though the wedding had been cancelled, their relationship wasn’t cancelled…yet. 


This is one of the most famous photos that was taken that night. 

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck leaving The Ivy, September 10, 2003

And now 20 years later, The Ivy is her spot again.