Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez celebrated their first wedding anniversary this weekend. It was a year ago that they got married in Vegas which was followed by a wedding reception last August in Georgia. Bennifer went out for brunch with their kids yesterday and were then alone for dinner last night. Just a couple of weeks ago the entire family was in New York, spending time in the city and also the Hamptons


By their standards, though, at least publicly, this seemed like a low-key way to commemorate the milestone. If she posted about it on Instagram it’s not on the feed – and for f-ck’s sake, how long has it been since we’ve had a new installment of her newsletter, On The JLo?! 

This, basically, is their version of a “quiet” summer. Which is not a bad thing, especially with the strike happening and all the work stoppages. There’s already an issue with people misunderstanding what the strike is about and who it’s for. 

But also, this might be the hybrid of their relationship in terms of how they present it. JLo is much more comfortable, as we know, in the spotlight. Ben… has a more complicated relationship with it. Pulling back on the performance now and again isn’t a bad thing for them.

Anyway, to go back to the year mark – it’s a year of marriage but a little over two years since they’ve been back together which means that Bennifer V2.0 has now lasted longer than the OG!