As mentioned in today’s open, seemed like everyone was at Michael Rubin’s Fourth of July party this weekend. Before that though Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were in the city with their kids, and on Saturday they were seen on Broadway for one of the final performances of Prima Facie starring Jodie Comer, for which she recently won a Tony. 


Then it was off to JLo’s place in the Hamptons where everyone else was, at their own respective places, conveniently, to get over to Michael Rubin’s. Bennifer took his eldest Violet to the party where at one point in the night, they posed for a photo with Tom Brady. 


A true gossip’s reaction to a Ben and Brady reunion is always to fondly remember Chrissy O. Disappeared but never forgotten. 

Eight years later, Ben is now divorced and remarried and Tom Brady is divorced but not remarried although he probably has options. And you know what occurred to me looking through all the photos of all the celebrities who were at Michael Rubin’s party? Tom Brady and Emily Ratajkowski. Will you join me in Gossip Genie-ing this into existence? 

Come on, we know this – there is no question: TomRata would be GREAT for gossip. We would all win. Let us manifest!