Jennifer Lopez is definitely not the frontrunner for Best Supporting Actress Oscar. That would now be Laura Dern who won the Golden Globe last night for her performance in Marriage Story. That said, JLo still wants that nomination – she’s never been nominated for an Oscar, and if she has to secure that first. I think it’s going to happen but I feel like some of these red carpet choices are to make extra sure that it’s going to happen? 

Here’s what JLo wore to the Palm Springs gala last week: 

jlo-one-06jan20.jpg jlo-two-06jan20.jpg

Really boring, right? 


But she was in Palm Springs. Older Oscar voters live there. Strapless floral swing dress, twee as f-ck and boring pink pumps, really terrible bun, even her makeup is dated and lacks personality – you might say she was dressing for that town, that audience.

Last night at the Globes it was kind of the same. Not that I don’t love an obnoxious bow. I actually really enjoy an obnoxious bow. Not sure though that obnoxious was the vibe JLo was going for. Not with the princess updo, and the jewels, her bow was for pleasing and prettiness, not for edge. Taffeta rarely is. 

And, frankly, the JLo I love isn’t a taffeta girl. I’m not saying JLo has to be sequins and feathers and sheer all of the time. A girl can experiment with different style vibes, for sure. If she’s feeling a look, she can make it work. But I’m not convinced she’s really feeling these former pageant queen ballgowns. My conspiracy theory is that she’s being styled for the purpose of not wanting to scare off crusty f-ck tight ass pearl clutcher Oscar voters with her body-con jams. Especially since the role she’s potentially being nominated for is a stripper. 

Maybe I’m reading too much into it. Maybe she just picked a bad dress and there’s no more strategy to it than that… even though, as we’ve seen, there is more and more strategy around styling now. Styling is part of the work. The work here, with JLo is that Oscar nomination. Is that what we’re doing here? Get the nomination, miss the fashion mark? Fine. But I don’t know why it has to be one or the other. There has to be a look that balances both the essence of JLo with whatever don’t-be-too-much requirements she might be trying to hit. Like what she wore to the Globes in 2016. So good, right? 


PS. Here’s what ARod posted at the end of the night. It’s …a bit over the top, considering what he’s pep-talking her over, don’t you think? 


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