Can I just start with this?

Jennifer Lopez is ridiculous. And I don’t mean her behaviour. I mean… HER FACE! She looks better now than she did 20 years ago! And yes, we’re not supposed to notice and talk about this sh-t because it makes us feel like sh-t, when we value outer beauty but, f-ck, it’s ridiculous! Sorry! Sorry for letting down the side!

Anyway, here are JLO and Alex Rodriguez last night holding hands after dinner in New York. Sasha and I get deep into handholding and other forms of couple… binding (?) …on the new episode of Sasha Answers this week. Handholding is way better than what they did last week, which was arm linking. Arm linking is lame. But it’s not as gross as a couple of other forms of binding, which we run through extensively. Is it as gross as watching JRod dancing?

She was on The Today Show yesterday and Hoda and Savannah asked her about their relationship. And dancing together. And her voice got all high, as it does, and she started giggling, as she does, and pretending that she didn’t want to talk about it, but she totally does, and then said that ARod can dance, like the merengue and salsa and that they dance together.

I can’t picture this. And I can definitely picture it. JRod dancing: cheesier or not as cheesy as JLO and Drake dancing? F-ck, I miss Lopizzy.