The easy portmanteau for Drake and JLo is DraLo, pronounced Dray-Low. Boring. And too obvious. See also Hiddleswift. A portmanteau like DraLo or Hiddleswift says nothing about the EXTRA-ness of the hookup. If it could be a brand of shoes or a nice range of hikers, it doesn’t reflect the inherent absurdity of the couple. Which is why, for me, it was Swoki, and now… Lopizzy! Or, for short, Lopiz. If that sounds stupid, GOOD.

So, to recap – Drake went to see JLO’s show in Vegas two weekends in a row. Then she cancelled her plans to spend New Year’s Eve in Miami, opening up the possibility of spending NYE with him in Vegas. No activity over Christmas weekend. But last night, people noticed that Rihanna unfollowed JLO on Instagram. Previously, Rihanna and JLO were friends. Here they are being cute together in 2014:

And earlier this year, Rihanna sent JLO some shoes:


@badgalriri Thank you soooomuch for these incredibly sick ass boots!! #Rihanna #manolos #loveher #thebaddest

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Not sure if JLO’s getting any shoes from the next collection.

Please note though that the unfollow came first. Rihanna unfollowed JLO. And then, a few hours later, both Drake and JLO Instagrammed this photo, both without comment. No comment necessary.


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Like, they did it at the same time, a coordinated effort. Not unlike how Taylor Swift and her friends make their annual #Taymerica social media drops all together after spending the Fourth of July together at her place in Rhode Island. So if you mocked Squad Swift for that before, are you mocking Lopizzy for this now?

As for the timing of Rihanna’s unfollow, it makes me wonder whether or not she was given a courtesy tip-off. Or if she has someone, still, on the inside, with Drake, who told her it was coming. Because, again, she unfollowed Jennifer Lopez BEFORE Drake and JLO’s picture came out. It was a pre-emptive strike. And, in hindsight, it was also a preview of what was on the way.

Does it matter? I think it matters, a little. If Rihanna had unfollowed JLO after the joint release of the photo, it looks different, non? It looks a lot more reactive. And blindsided. It’s still petty that she unfollowed JLO before the release, of course it is, but at least this way it seems like she knew before we knew, that it wasn’t so much reactive and hurt as it is prescient and exasperated – like, whatever, you losers, I don’t want to have to see it when you sit next to each other and hit “share!” at the same time. Which is basically what they did.

Both JLO and Drake understand the power of speculation. They are both acutely aware of what we are saying about them. This play, then? This side by side Instagram declaration-confirmation? 100% deliberate. 100% intentional. Intentional promotion for an upcoming collaboration? Or intentional passion because where JLO is concerned, when she falls, she does it in full view. JLO isn’t capable of a quiet romance. JLO can only love out loud. It’s not like we haven’t been watching her love out loud for almost 20 years.

All eyes now on Vegas and Drake’s appearance at Hakkasan on Saturday night, New Year’s Eve. And how far into the new year these two can make it considering Drake begins touring Europe mid-January and it’s looking like he has no breaks until March while. JLO’s residence resumes in Vegas on February and runs pretty much the entire month. So, basically, the time they have now and for the next two weeks has to count.