Jennifer Lopez was namechecked during Netflix’s presentation at CinemaCon the other day. Her documentary, Halftime, will open the Tribeca Festival on June 8 before its streaming premiere on Netflix on June 14, which is the day I will be watching it even though it’s a Tuesday. But when JLo is opening up her vault and giving us behind-the-scenes footage, especially with what’s happened in her life over the last couple of years, there’s no waiting until the weekend… especially if you’re a gossip blogger. 


A trailer for Halftime has yet to be released, though I expect we should be seeing it soon before she starts doing press for it. JLo, as we know, is non-stop work. And in addition to promoting Halftime – there’s no question she’ll be promoting the sh-t out of it – she also has rehearsals. Because it was also recently announced that she’s headlining the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation Blue Diamond Gala on June 16. 


JLo is not the one to show up at an “exclusive concert” with her name on it and just half-ass the sh-t and/or not be prepared. I mean, no, this isn’t like a performance at the Grammys or other televised awards show, but it’s also a “concert”, meaning it’s a whole set, not just one or two songs. So there’s a significant amount of work involved from the vocals to the choreo to the costuming etc. It’s been three years since the last Blue Diamond Gala in 2019, headlined by Bruno Mars. They had to cancel for two years because of the pandemic so this is not a small thing, and JLo is a big get for them. She’ll be busy the next few weeks planning for that on top of Halftime. 

Here she is then on her downtime yesterday shopping on Rodeo drive in a Valentino blouse (from a few seasons ago) and a pair of GREAT jeans, I love them. Pure 80s, yes, with the pleats and that wide fit through the hips tapering to the angle and then rolled up. If you’re in the market for a new pair of jeans and a new jeans cut, this fit is suuuuper comfortable.