When I saw that Jennifer Lopez was in Ohio for LL Cool J’s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame I thought maybe it was actually a weekend that she and Ben Affleck wouldn’t be spending together. Amateur mistake. When there are private jets involved, a three hour flight is not an obstacle to Bennifer love!


JLo returned to LA for Halloween and she and Ben actually went trick-or-treating with their kids in a gated community in Malibu. According to the paps, via TMZ, Jennifer Garner was also in the neighbourhood and some are suggesting that they bumped into each other although there aren’t any photos of that. Photos or not though, what we can assume is that nobody is going out of their way to avoid one another – and that in and of itself could be yet another indication that there’s no drama here, everything is as amicable as it can possibly be. Also currently short on spectacle. 

Because as sensational as the Bennifer reunion has been, without the boring sh-t that happens behind the headlines, the sensation wouldn’t happen. These two are coordinating their schedules. Whenever we see them together it means that they and their assistants have blocked off time and planned flights and whatever other logistics in order to make it possible. JLo, after all, is a hustler, she doesn’t stop, she has an empire to run – and she’s been shooting in Vancouver the last couple of months. Ben, likewise, has been filming in Austin and is working on a couple of screenplays and other directorial projects. Sources have been saying for months that they’re doing what they can to carve out time for each other. That certainly seems to be the case. After several weeks of only seeing each other on weekends, Bennifer was seen boarding a private jet last night after Halloween with the kids. No word yet on where they’re going but production hasn’t wrapped on either of their films so if they are on a personal trip together, it likely won’t be a long one. 


Let’s go back to JLo and her hustle energy though. As mentioned, she honoured LL Cool J at the Rock Hall ceremony on Saturday with a full wardrobe. And those abs: 

On Sunday she found time for fun in the kitchen with her kids. 


LOL at her son all like, “I knew that this was going to be a flop!” Oh look, something she’s not good at.