Sarah posted last week about the rumours that Jenny Slate and Chris Evans might be back together after they were seen by one of our readers hanging out in Atlanta. There have also been reports that the two went out for dinner with Robert Downey Jr and his wife last weekend. Several other entertainment outlets have also covered the story and now Jenny and Chris are tweeting at each other, publicly.


They could have easily just DMed each other, right? Of course not. It’s not as fun to DM each other when the whole point of social media is to be seen. And so they would know that this is being seen, and read, and speculated about it. Don’t tell me their publicists wouldn’t have been aware that people have been talking and wondering whether or not they’re back together. Of course they know. And of course they know that this would only add to it. So it’s a mindf-ck. Are we or aren’t we?

Well according to PEOPLE, buried at the bottom of their story about Jenny and Chris’s Twitter flirting, is information from a source who says that Chris is still “dating around”. Interesting expression there. Do you know anyone who says “dating around”? I know a lot of people who say “f-cking around”. But I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say “dating around” in a long, long time. The source also adds that, “Chris has been seen with various women in Atlanta during filming”.

So we’re back where we started: games. It’s still unclear whether or not Jenny and Chris are back together. But they’re aware that we we’re curious about whether or not they’re back together. And they don’t mind our curiosity about whether or not they’re back together. They may even be feeding that curiosity. OK but… isn’t that what we call gossip? And didn’t she say this summer that she didn’t want to be gossiped about?

Also attached - Jenny at an event in LA last week.