There is a dirty secret about The Bear. You know, the gritty show about the kitchen and the guy with dashed dreams running after his brother – it’s grimy and dark and desperate, but there is one fact about it that should get it kicked directly out of whatever we’re calling post-prestige TV: which is that this show is, against its will, wholesome. 


The Bear isn’t not part of the Hollywood conversation – to be clear, it’s a hit and everyone who has seen it has seen all of it, rejoiced at the announcement of season two, and reflexively yelled out “Carmy! Cousin!” when Jeremy Allen White appeared onstage, looking, frankly, stunned. 

The most wholesome show had the tamest part of the night, before things got odd. That’s so unusual, but also somewhat fitting? For example, there were a LOT of swears last night (which I hear didn’t come through unbeeped everywhere – we in Toronto got every curse and apology and then curse within the apology) – but White’s “f-ck” was especially disoriented. He seems …fragile? 

That, I guess, is why he and Ayo Edebiri, who plays Sydney, have spent press time recently talking about how Carmy and Sydney should never become a couple. Like, people see vulnerability and go ‘let a woman save him’? Why aren’t we hungrier for something better? 


Let me say this, though. You know who is not missing a beat of The Bear’s ride? The incredible Ayo Edebiri. This woman is Wholesome Savvy and I love it. “Wholesome Savvy” is also exactly her character Missy on Big Mouth, (well, Wholesome Savvy Horny) so maybe I’m onto something. 

Ayo Edebiri's story

She knows what the headlines are right now, and she knows that this picture is going to make people go ‘aww, cute’, and then they’re gonna talk about them and about the show and that’s all good for everyone, right? 


Also, I love that The Youth put even the Golden Globes in Stories. Jeremy & Ayo’s co-star and straight-up Toronto royalty Matty Matheson at least went ahead and got excited right on his grid. I respect that there’s no need to be chill.