Just last Friday, Lainey wondered if Jeremy Renner would release a new song since he’s claiming in court the corona crash is affecting his ability to make child support payments. WELL GUESS WHAT? Jeremy Renner has, indeed, released a new song; in fact, he has released a whole new EP called The Medicine. The lead single is also called “The Medicine”, and other songs on the EP include “Never Sorry”,  “Ghost and Roses”, “Every Woman”,  “Best Part of Me”, and “December Days”. Now we know how Jeremy Renner has been spending his self-quarantine: he has been preparing the healing salve of his music for the world. This is not about his never-ending and nasty custody fight, this is about soothing the masses! Did you know that we all need to feed our sins with the medicine? We do! Amidst our troubles, our uncertainty, our fear, Jeremy Renner is here with a balm for our tired spirits. Feed our sins with the medicine and we will be okay! 

“Feed our sins with the medicine” is nonsense, of course, as no one has ever described “feeding” anyone or anything medicine. Taking medicine, yes, swallowing, perhaps, but I assume that wouldn’t work in the scansion of the song. You could just write a different song that doesn’t rely on nonsense for the hook, but what I do know? I’ve only won poetry prizes. I love the dad rock Renner is putting out into the world. It’s so mediocre. I will never, ever understand people who are genuinely good at one thing but insist on being mediocre at something else. I get that he loves music, and he has the money to fund his hobby—but not pay his kid’s bills?—but also…remember when Jeremy Renner was just a good actor? It was better, right? It was certainly simpler. Now we have to contend with his acting career AND the steady diet of unflattering stories re: the custody battle AND his singing career. Don’t we have enough going on in our lives right now? Do we really have time for new music from Jeremy Renner?