As we’ve seen over the last few weeks, it’s been a parade of celebrities on Mediterranean yacht holidays this summer, which is typical every summer, it’s just that there was a slower pace the last two years because of the pandemic…so it feels like they’ve all come raging back for 2022. 


The latest to join the regatta are Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake in Sardinia – here are shots of them hanging out in the water, kissing, stretching, etc, with Jessica in an animal print bikini with the high waist and also a pair of cut-offs and a white shirt tied at the midsection, classic boating attire. 

Jessica Biel in cutoffs

Jessica and Justin have been quiet for a couple of years, spending the pandemic well out of the spotlight for a number of reasons. Jessica’s series, Candy, was released in May and while she and Melanie Lynskey delivered strong performances, the series itself didn’t make much of an impact and was not much of a factor when the Emmy nominations were announced a few weeks ago. This is less a statement about Jessica and Candy and more about just how MUCH television there is to get through. Melanie was nominated, but for Yellowjackets, and she is so f-cking good on that show, which has been one of the most buzzy new shows of the year, that it may be one of the reasons that her part on Candy was overlooked. 


As for Justin… 

He’s been hinting at a new album; it’s been four years since Man of the Woods came and went and nobody cared. Does anyone miss JT? Personal disdain aside, is there a gap in the music industry right now that can only be filled by Justin Timberlake? Are people waiting around for a new album the way they’ve been waiting for, say, Rihanna? Does the culture need a JT comeback?