Do not adjust your screens. That is Jessica Biel’s name beside BEST dressed instead of worst. It has almost happened before – at the Oscars. Lainey loved Jessica’s look but she was still included in a “Worst” post because of her husband. My ex-crush Justin Timberlake threw himself in the way of his wife’s shine at every moment he could on the Oscars red carpet. Her great dress didn’t get a chance to breath, it was suffocated by JT’s insufferable photobombs and jazz hands and general need to make sure no one pays attention to anyone but him.

Well, Justin Timberlake played the Rock in Rio festival this weekend in Brazil because his career is going fine in case you were wondering (#neverforget) so he was not at the Emmys to cockblock Jessica Biel’s Ralph & Russo Couture dress that I absolutely loved. Generally, if I’m judging style on a red carpet, I’m not basing a good look on what I would wear myself. I LOVE Zoe Kravitz’s dress (Duana and I are fighting) but it’s not like I would pick it off a rack to wear. That’s a lie. I would probably buy it and stare at it in my closet every now and then but never wear it.

This one on Jessica Biel seems wearable. If the dress was completely the silver shimmering side or just the nude overlay, it would be basic AF. Together, it’s so pretty. I love the deep plunge. I’m really into the open back. I like that it’s got a Grecian vibe and a futuristic feel all at the same time. The cinch at the waist is very flattering. She looks great. SO great. I’m even into the hair. It’s bordering on Country Music Awards Carrie Underwood pompadour realness and yet, I’m not mad at it. The blush-toned makeup is the perfect touch. If you would have told me that Jessica Biel would have come through the Emmys this strong before the show, I would have laughed in your face.

Jessica was interviewed by Giuliana Rancic during E!’s red carpet show. She talked about her show The Sinner and you could tell it’s genuinely a passion project. When she talked about her son Silas, she was even pretty interesting and funny. It’s amazing what can happen when her attention-sucker of a husband isn’t around. She told a story about how Silas now refuses to do things by saying, “That’s not a match, Mommy” and I think I cracked a smile listening to the anecdote. How far into that story do you think she would have been able to get if Justin was beside her? Would she have even got a word in?

Click here for Jessica Biel’s full red carpet interview and to see how magical this dress is when it moves.