Earlier this week, Jessica Chastain confirmed on Instagram that they’ve started shooting 355 in Paris. The film was first announced last year in Cannes with Jessica and costars – Penelope Cruz, Lupita Nyong’o, Marion Cotillard, and Fan Bingbing – taking meetings with investors to raise the money ($75 million) to make it happen. Jessica came up with the idea with Simon Kinberg and she cast the film herself. Marion has since dropped out and has been replaced by Diane Kruger (which is fun old gossip, if you can remember it). One of the most intriguing things about this video though is the presence of Fan Bingbing because a few weeks after that Cannes appearance, she went “missing”. It was since revealed that she was disappeared by the Chinese government for tax evasion. After performing public contrition and paying an enormous fine, Bingbing quietly returned to work. I’m dying to know whether or not and how this was discussed among Jessica and the other actors: 


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In addition to Diane, Edgar Ramirez and Sebastian Stan have since joined the cast. Jessica and Sebastian were seen on set together in Paris today, filming a kissing scene. At first this was weird to me, because of course there’s a part of me that still sees Sebastian as “Carter” from Gossip Girl. And Jessica’s one of those actors that Duana and I talk about who seemed to arrive on the scene as a fully formed adult, like Jennifer Lawrence and Julia Roberts before her, even when she may not have been. 

Somehow, though, Gossip Girl was a decade ago and Sebastian is now best known to be Bucky Barnes, and 36 years old. And now that I look closer at these shots, and the two of them as love interests, it works. It works very much. I really like that shot of him in Jessica’s video where they’re at the shooting range and he has those headphones on. So this is what happened to Carter Baizen.