Jessica Simpson is currently promoting her book Open Book. It comes out on February 4, I can’t wait to read it. Because clearly she gets it. She gets that if she’s writing this kind of book, there’s no point holding back on the stories. And she’s telling the stories. She’s getting vulnerable, she’s revealing her struggles, she’s telling the truth about what she’s been through – and… yes… she’s bringing the gossip. 

Last night on Kimmel, the gossip was about her and Justin Timberlake. It starts when she talks about auditioning for The Mickey Mouse Club and ultimately not getting the role because it came down to her and Christina Aguilera. After that, though, everyone sort of kept in touch. And when she and Nick Lachey divorced, one night Justin Timberlake ended up coming over and…they kissed. Watch her tell the story – it starts at the four minute mark:


OK. Let’s check the timeline. Jessica says it happened after she and Nick Lachey divorced. They announced their separation in November 2005. So let’s say it’s somewhere between 2005 and early to mid-2006 because she and John Mayer started dating around the summer of 2006 and she was so into John Mayer there was no way she would have had time for JT. But Justin Timberlake in 2005/06 was dating Cameron Diaz. If that’s when it went down, then we’re looking at overlap. Another instance of JT doing Cam dirty. Maybe it was after he broke up with Cameron. But, if you recall, very shortly after he and Cameron broke up, he was with Jessica Biel. Remember the fight JT and Cam had at a Golden Globes after-party in 2007? It was reportedly over Jessica Biel. So either way, whatever went down between Jessica Simpson and Justin Timberlake happened on someone else’s time. 

And what makes it even grosser is that he only did it to fulfill a bet he made with Ryan Gosling when they were 12. At the time, JT would have been around 24/25 maybe 26. Old enough to know better. Like I’m pretty sure Ryan wasn’t running around town looking for an opportunity to score on a childhood bet, you know? 

But that’s such a dick move, non? To kiss a girl and then pull out your phone straight away and text another dude and be like, bro, I win, I got in there before you! 

In his defence, who hasn’t made mistakes, especially when you’re in your 20s? I get it. Most of us were punks in our 20s. He was the sh-t in his 20s, everyone was up his ass and it went to his head. Of course, let’s take that into consideration, it’s only fair. The question is… has Justin Timberlake evolved from that guy? Has he shown us that he’s no longer that guy? I don’t know if you’ve looked at his Instagram lately but even at a time when it couldn’t be less about him, he somehow made it about him. It’s almost terrifying how reliably often he can make it about him.