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I can’t get enough of the photos of Jennifer Lopez from the set of Hustlers in New York. Specifically it’s the wardrobe. JLo is playing “Ramona”, based on one of the Scores dancers featured in Jessica Pressler’s piece, “The Hustlers at Scores”, published in The Cut in 2015. The screenplay is adapted from that article. Every in-character outfit that JLo’s been photographed in so far looks like something she’s worn in her real life at some point over the years, and not even that long ago. Basically her wardrobe for this movie could totally be her own wardrobe – from the sunglasses to the fur vests to the tight pants to the shoes. The SHOES. 

Look at her in these shots I’ve attached wearing that fur vest over a white long-sleeved top and skinny jeans…and those boots. What you should be associating with those boots is her look from the "Jenny From The Block" video. 

It’s those Timberland-inspired Manolos – she may not have been the first to wear them back in 2002, but no one then or since has worn them so memorably. And they spawned all kinds of imitators. She’s wearing a pair of knock-offs here, as part of the costume. “Ramona’s” style, then, is really JLo’s style, the affordable version. The hair doesn’t even have to change. Or the lipstick. Check the frosted pink lipgloss she’s wearing here: 


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There’s a LOT of frosted lipgloss in "Jenny From The Block", a video that, really, never gets old. And, somehow, she’s found a way to, like, homage it. 


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