Jodie Comer won her first Tony Award last night which means she’s halfway to the EGOT with an Emmy and Tony and it’s just a matter of time before she does some voice work for a Grammy and there’s no doubt she’ll be nominated for an Oscar eventually. Jodie was one of the people who wore black to the Tonys, a classic strapless. (Go Fug Yourself)  


A non-update update on last week’s most random gossip: that Kelis and Bill Murray are dating. Kelis knows that we’re all wondering about it, and it sounds like she’s not interested in getting us to stop wondering about it. Which means that she’s actually enjoying us wondering whether or not she’s giving it to Bill Murray – and since I never wanted to wonder about this and don’t want to keep wondering about it, I do not appreciate this ongoing mystery.  (DListed)

There are many people who feel ok, fine, whatever about the Ted Lasso finale. And others who are a bit disappointed but generally ok fine about the finale. And still others who are deeply in their feelings that – SPOILER – Ted and Rebecca never happened, since the show seemed to be kinda sorta leading us there through three seasons with all its references to rom-coms. I was never super invested in Ted and Rebecca but I do understand why people were hoping for what they were hoping for. Brian Richards makes a good case for the shippers here. (Pajiba) 


Prince Andrew, aka the Royal Squatter, which is such a gross visual, will not leave Royal Lodge during renovations because he’s worried that if he leaves he won’t be allowed to come back in… and that, essentially, is what squatters do. Now the picture I have in my mind is of Andrew strapping himself to a banister while servants try to remove him from the premises. Classy! (Cele|bitchy) 

Must read: Roxana Hadadi’s profile of Devery Jacobs. Must watch: Devery Jacobs respectfully correcting Sheryl Lee Ralph, and Sheryl respectfully accepting the correction, on The Hollywood Actress Roundtable. See below. (Vulture)