Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s divorce is proving to be top of mind for people not just on social media, but in Hollywood, too, especially following a new report from TMZ about Joe allegedly pressuring Sophie to go to events after the birth of their second child, calling him "less than supportive". Now, everybody seems to be weighing in on whose side they’re on.


While comments were turned off on the former couple’s original post where they confirmed their separation, a few of Sophie’s Game of Thrones castmates liked the post, indicating some level of support for her. This included Emilia Clarke, Nathalie Emmanuel and Maisie Williams, who served as Sophie’s maid of honor when she married Joe.

Then, of course, there were the celebrities who had a lot more to say than just a social media double tap. Celebrities like Bethenny Frankel, who, we know has an opinion about everyone and everything and isn’t afraid to share it, is slamming Joe Jonas and his team for “spinning” his divorce and even went so far as to say it’s “backfiring”.

In a TikTok she shared yesterday, Bethenny accused Joe’s team of strategizing to “kill or be killed.” 

“His PR team definitely said, ‘We know this is coming, and we’ve got to spin this thing. We’ve got to go and try to control the ocean,’” she said. “You cannot mess around with the media. The media is the ocean. It will just take you over like a big wave. You can’t try to mess around with the ocean.”


She went on to warn his team that they shouldn’t have underestimated women, alluding to the misogynistic coverage we’ve seen so far of this split, which Lainey wrote about here. Between the rumours of the ring camera footage and audio, him strategically being photographed with his kids in some attempt to paint himself as dad of the year, and interviews with the manager of the bar where Sophie was photographed taking shots, Bethenny is suggesting that women are seeing right through it.

“Do not underestimate the intelligence and instincts of women,” she said. “It sounds like a camp started camping too soon.”

Another celebrity that sounded off on TikTok was Emily Ratajkowski. She didn’t point to Joe and Sophie specifically, but drew on her own anecdotal experience of being both married and separated by age 32. In her video, she offered support and even congratulations, calling this way of life “chic” in the caption.


“I don’t think there’s anything better,” she said. “Being in your twenties is the trenches. There’s nothing better than being in your thirties, still being hot, maybe having a bit of your own money, figuring out what you want to do with your life, and having tried that, married fantasy and realizing that maybe it’s not all it’s cracked up to be and then you’ve got, still, your whole life ahead of you.”

On yesterday’s episode of The Viewthe hosts chimed in, and each woman had a lot to say about how the pair’s divorce has played out in the media. 

“What I don’t like about the spin lately is that he’s taking care of the kids — I’m sorry, is this an immaculate conception?” Sunny Hostin preached. “They’re his freaking kids, too! So what, he’s taking care of the kids? Does he get a gold star? I just think that’s kind of ridiculous.”


“These weren’t new careers. They met on these terms. She’s at a wrap party for a show she did; we have wrap parties here,” host Sarah Haines quipped. “You celebrate the end! It’s really fun. So that isn’t just a bar that she’s out hanging out at. She happens to be with her colleagues at a bar celebrating the end of a series. We don’t know if other times the kids are with her, or if she can have the kids with her.”

And Joy Behar slammed Joe for “schlepping” his two young daughters around on tour with him, rebutting the idea that his kids are privileged, saying:

“Is it so privileged to schlepp a year-old child and a three-year-old child on tour with a bunch of musicians? I don't see that as privileged!”

When it comes to support for Joe, things are looking scant. Likely because people are not idiots and see exactly what’s happening here – he’s trying to paint Sophie in a terrible light and just as Bethenny suggested, it’s backfiring.

But, his brothers did give him a hug at their Phoenix concert on Wednesday. So there’s that.