Here we go… it’s not even remotely close to Halloween but we have to talk about Hocus Pocus. The movie I have never seen and I get told about it by the youngs (including our site manager Emily) about what I’m missing all the time. I watched the first 10 minutes a couple of years ago and could not keep going. Do not understand the emotional attachment to this movie. And now they’re making a sequel. (Dlisted) 


John Krasinski was on with Stephen Colbert to promote A Quiet Place Part II which is the second time he’s been on with Colbert to promote A Quiet Place Part II. Is this the first time someone’s ever done a talk show two times for one movie? Anyway they arm wrestled which would have not been significant the first time but it is the second time because… in person, in studio, touching! (Pajiba) 

Anya Taylor-Joy is hosting the final episode of Saturday Night Live this season. She’s been seen in New York on her way out of and heading into rehearsals all week. The other day she was wearing a kilt – but if this is to become a trend, I don’t attribute it to her… but to A$AP Rocky on the cover of GQ. Who’s going to look better in a kilt than him? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Tom Hiddleston on the realisation that he’s been playing Loki for eleven years…and could be playing him for eleven more. (Cele|bitchy) 

Do you want to be in a band? I would like to go back into the past and be in a kpop band. Surprisingly my role would be “main rapper”. This is not the role I want. I want dance! (Buzzfeed)