Johnny Depp’s lawsuit against his former managers, The Management Group (TMG), keeps getting messier and messier. The Hollywood Reporter published more details about the case yesterday after deposition details from a former employee of TMG were made public. The whisterblower claims that she saw evidence of mismanagement and fraud when she worked there and corroborates Johnny’s insistence that he had no idea that TMG was messing around with his money. TMG says she’s unreliable and is still bitter about being terminated and maintains that Johnny’s money problems are because Johnny has problems and not because of negligence on their part. What’s new and interesting here is what the whistleblower had to say about Johnny’s sister:

Rayburn (the whistleblower) says she had a feeling she was going to be fired, so she made notes about things she thought were "odd" with plans to tell Robert Mandel and Howard Leiter about her concerns. In her notes, she calls the former an "idiot" and says he didn't believe her.

Also in those handwritten notes, entered as an exhibit, Rayburn calls Depp's sister Christi Dembrowski a "nasty bitch" and says Mandel did whatever she wanted because he was afraid of her. Dembrowski runs her brother's production company and brought TMG to him in the late '90s, as part of a short list of other potential business managers for him to interview.

Rayburn claims the company was using Depp's money to pay for Dembrowski's personal expenses — including her daughter's wedding, trips and a new pool — without express permission from the star. She says she asked Dembrowski about the spending on two occasions and "her response was, he’s my brother. My money is his money. His money is mine.” (Dembrowksi's attorney Dylan Ruga did not immediately respond to a request for comment.)

Johnny’s legal team wanted the deposition to be unsealed because they think the whistleblower’s information is damaging towards TMG. But… this bit about the sister…

It’s kinda damaging too, non? And not necessarily towards TMG? I mean, sure, maybe legally it is but from a gossip perspective, this is some insight into Johnny Depp’s world that we haven’t had much opportunity to explore. His sister runs his production company. His sister connected Johnny and TMG in the first place. His sister allegedly dips into his millions for her own use – and he doesn’t know. So…

If he’s accusing his former managers of improperly handling his finances, well, what role, if any, has his sister played in his financial crisis? That smells kinda shady too, doesn’t it?

In other Johnny news, Pirates 5’s box office this weekend was pretty mediocre domestically but, naturally, it did well overseas. Johnny Depp is still very popular internationally. And, more and more, like Tom Cruise, he has to rely on the international audience. Because the international audience isn't tired of his same-old yet. And the international audience isn’t rolling its eyes at this the way we are over here in North America. ENJOY.