I don’t know if this is the love feud you wanted but it’s the one you’re getting: Brian Austin Green hung out with Courtney Stodden. Then she shared a video of them in the hot tub together and he performed disappointment. Now she’s countering with her own disappointment and calling him a “womaniser”. While reminding him of what he’s missing. And their brief encounter has creatively inspired her. Are you riveted? (Dlisted) 


Have you been paying attention to the Johnny Depp vs The Sun and Amber Heard trial? I’m not sure any of this sh-t helps either Johnny or Amber. And technically his case is against a publication and now so many other publications are publishing the lurid details coming out of this trial. For someone who has remained so private, there’s a lot about Johnny Depp’s life that’s out there now. And a lot of it sounds really chaotic. (Pajiba) 

I can usually get behind most Kristen Stewart outfits but this one from six years ago is… well… I’m having a hard time with it. The crop top isn’t quite the right length for where those pants are sitting. And, well, the pants are the controversy here. Like, I get the idea of them and I think if executed differently they could work. But white here is tricky. It just doesn’t look very luxurious. Black might have made the difference, non? (Go Fug Yourself) 

So… we’ve now gone a whole week without any new photos of Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas. Is it because they want don’t want to step on Chris Evans and Lily James? Is it because they’re done being a headline? Is it because they’re done? I can’t imagine they’d be done. But they have been quiet. Maybe they’re out of town on another trip? (Cele|bitchy) 

Let’s go back to Johnny Depp, because The Hollywood Reporter published a piece the other day about his trial but it’s mostly a deep-dive on his lawyer, Adam Waldman, whose had a very… interesting career. With interesting associations. And he’s made some some interesting decisions. (The Hollywood Reporter)