Here are Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith out in LA yesterday. They’re holding hands and at one point stop to kiss. Joshua and Jodie have been dating since at least last fall. Kathleen first posted about them back in November 2018 and at that point, for weeks, people had already been noticing that he was showing up with his face obscured on her Instagram. 

In mid-June, however, having just spent his birthday with Jodie, Joshua was photographed kissing another woman at the airport after going for lunch together. This was not a “friend” kiss. She had her arms wrapped around his neck. And they were like rocking back and forth. The Daily Mail has photos and video. And now Joshua and Jodie are all good. So…what’s going on here? 

Interesting opportunity to talk about modern love. Maybe they were “on a break”, Ross and Rachel, and he could technically hookup with whoever he wanted to. Maybe they weren’t on a break and he did what he did and apologised. Or maybe Joshua didn’t need to apologise to Jodie because there was nothing to apologise for because he and Jodie aren’t like that. Maybe it’s an open relationship? 

Whatever it is, it all seems to be fine now. 

Joshua is currently reunited with Reese Witherspoon (Cruel Intentions) on the series adaptation of Celeste Ng’s Little Fires Everywhere. They play husband and wife. Kerry Washington is also starring and producing. This is a high profile project and, already, people are hyping it for awards. Jodie, meanwhile, has a film coming out this fall, Queen & Slim, co-starring Daniel Kaluuya, directed by Melina Matsoukas, her first feature. You know Melina from Beyoncé’s “Formation” video and Insecure. Queen & Slim was co-written by Lena Waithe and, interestingly, James Frey (A Million Little Pieces). It’s about Jodie and Daniel, who meet online and become Bonnie & Clyde on their first date. I like the way Jodie’s name is listed in the credits: 

Introducing Jodie Turner-Smith 

I’m into film credits, the way actors’ names are presented. The “introducing” credit is meant to highlight a newcomer on the scene, to let you know that this is fresh talent, a discovery, someone with a lot of potential, the beginning of what’s possibly a big career – and you’ll look back on this film as the beginning of it. So, basically, Jodie Turner-Smith is going into award season with some buzz. Can’t wait to see this movie.