Last week Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson were seen maybe possibly getting a marriage licence. They’ve not yet confirmed or denied that they’re about to make it official, like in the legal sense. But they are now officially Instagram official which probably carries more cultural currency these days. 

Joshua’s shown up on Jodie’s IG stories before, like back when they first started dating last year, but his face was often obscured. Neither one has been on each other’s feed. Until now. 

A couple of days ago, Josh promoted Jodie’s upcoming highly anticipated film, Queen & Slim


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Now look at these two flirting in the comments: 


And with an assist from director Melina Matsoukas. 


I should also mention that Melina is tight with Beyoncé which means our Pacey Witter is one step closer to the Queen. 

After that post from Josh though, here’s what Jodie posted on her feed:


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Stop it. Even I can’t deny how cute it is the way they’re looking at each other – enough for me to forget, temporarily, about that time he was kissing someone else at the airport, and focus on where they are: Clarke Cooke House. In Newport, Rhode Island. Seems like a great place to go for dinner. Or… have a rehearsal dinner? Or… get married? I don’t know anything. I’m just saying, after checking out the website, the place looks gorgeous. Maybe they’re just on holiday?