Joshua Jackson said during an interview a couple of weeks ago that Jodie Turner-Smith’s due date was the next day which means that she’s about two weeks past due now, which they were expecting because they were told that the first baby is often late. Jodie was tweeting on Saturday so, presumably, on Saturday still no change. 


And on Saturday Joshua was seen leaving Target with a pretty spare haul: toilet paper and what looks like a can of beans? Maybe I’m just assuming they’re a can of beans. Maybe because beans are a key ingredient in one of the most hilarious gossip stories of all time – when Hugh Grant tossed a container full of beans at the paparazzi

Joshua is not using his alleged beans as a weapon. But I am curious if his trip to the store was really just for TP and beans. Did Jodie have a craving for beans and while he was there, he also picked up the toilet paper? Now I have a craving for beans. I’ve not yet had beans in the four (five?) weeks since lockdown. And I love beans. Like baked beans. Baked beans and cut up hot dogs weiners topped with Cheeto dust. Or, whatever, real cheese if you want. Also… fresh dill, if you want to make it classy. Otherwise, it’s a pretty economical meal, non? 

Back to Jodie and Josh’s baby – since she hasn’t tweeted since Saturday, do you think she’s here?