Oh FFS. It’s what? Day 3? 4? And we are still talking about this name! Because now it’s not about how to spell it and whether or not the paperwork people will allow it (I’m sure a billionaire like Elon Musk can fix the paperwork), it’s about how to say it. And even the parents can’t agree on the pronunciation. Elon and Grimes are pronouncing it differently. Also they’re probably loving that no one can stop talking about it. So maybe we should? Stop? (Dlisted) 


Oh look. Oscar Isaac performed again on Zoom and people got horny and may I remind you that I SAW HIM FIRST? If he can do this while playing Oedipus, can you imagine what he’s like in person, to be married to him? To share a home with him? Or would it be too intense? (Pajiba) 

Yesterday when I wrote about Issa Rae on the cover of Cosmopolitan I said every other magazine better f-cking bring it because she would be hard to top. Dame Judi Dench is the oldest person to ever cover British Vogue. She is glorious in this photo. And the interview is pure joy. She is pure joy. And while I’m not saying this cover story is as amazing as Issa’s, it IS amazing to see this kind of diversity, from background to age. It does make magazines more interesting. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Novak Djokovic is a great tennis player. Outside of tennis, he has some, um, really interesting thoughts on… well… interesting is a very generous way to put it. And this is a classic case of why maybe, with some notable people, you really don’t want to know too much. (Cele|bitchy) 

I got perfect on this Avengers quiz. Of course I did. Doesn’t mean that I’d get perfect on a comics quiz. But I f-cking know those movies. Is there a gameshow for this? Can there be? (Buzzfeed)