After taking over Hollywood for a couple of weeks, Julia Fox was back home in New York yesterday for her son’s first birthday. She and her ex, Peter Artemiev, were papped in Manhattan, having resumed amicable relations after she cussed him out on Instagram just before Christmas for being a dead-beat dad. Julia apologised for her behaviour last week on her podcast, Forbidden Fruits, explaining that the reason she popped off on him was because she hadn’t heard from him in over a month. Between COVID and their separation and maintaining distance, it was a complicated time – and she admitted that she “snapped”. 


I guess they’ve put the drama behind them (for now) and are back on good co-parenting terms, good enough that they’re out here being photographed for a family portrait by the paparazzi, even though Julia described Peter, a pilot, as someone who “is so not about this life” and “doesn’t give a f–k about it”, “the most chillest, down-to-earth, authentic guy.” Well, whether or not he’s not about this life, it’s his life now, because Julia is all about this life and it’s really only just starting. 

Last week, for the second week in a row, Julia gave Interview another exclusive account of her time in Hollywood or, as she calls it, “This Week in Fox News”. This girl is her own best publicist and marketer. Her answers are both coy and earnest and, most importantly, in character. Julia Fox is shaping her own celebrity and right now, she’s writing her own story…although it is interesting what she says when asked if she feels like she’s a muse: 

“I’ve always been someone’s muse.” 

What does being a muse mean to Julia Fox? 

“You’re either born a muse, or you’re not.” 


Right now she’s known as Kanye West’s muse, and the thing about the muse narrative is that, when the muse is a woman, there is an implied power imbalance in the relationship between artist and muse, as if the muse has no agency. That’s the derivative approach to the Julia-Ye situation right now – that she’s being used by him for his petty motivations, that she’s disposable. 

We don’t talk about muses that way when the muses are men, though. Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio are Martin Scorsese’s muses and the culture doesn’t patronise those actors the way their female counterparts are often infantalised. The fact is, like Kim Kardashian before her, there can be power in muse-ing, certainly a power exchange. We saw it happen with Kim’s accumulation of cultural capital and ascension to new levels of fame and now with Julia, it’s almost like she’s the Kimye cultural love child – Ye’s muse, but Kim’s protégé, and totally in control. 


As for the other answer here that made me laugh, it’s when Julia was talking about all the celebrities who were there the other night when she and Kanye hosted a screening of Zola:

“Dave Chappelle, Marilyn Manson, Naomi Campbell, the actor from the new Batman, Cam’ron, Jack Donoghue from Salem, Andrew Richardson from Richardson magazine, Richie Shazam, all my friends came.”

“The actor from the new Batman”, LOL. Everyone else gets a name…except for the “actor from the new Batman”. Who is she talking about? Robert Pattinson?!