Julia Roberts and Danny Moder were seen in New York yesterday holding hands. Their outfits make it seem like this is fall weather – but we are not here to talk about temperatures. Julia and Danny are seldom papped together, so these are pretty rare photos. And even though she’s the big name, JULIA ROBERTS, Movie Star, it was Danny who we saw last, just a couple of weeks ago in Cannes, on the red carpet, accompanied not by Julia but with their daughter, Hazel, at the premiere of Flag Day. 


Is Flag Day the reason they’re in New York? The film opens on August 20 and they’re doing press for it next weekend. He was part of the team repping the film in Cannes so I’m wondering if it’ll be the same as they prepare for theatrical release. 

Julia and Danny recently celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary. It was around 20 years ago that they first started dating, at least officially. At the start of 2001, you’ll recall, Julia was still with Benjamin Bratt. She won her Oscar in March 2001 with him at her side. Three months later, in June 2001, they announced their breakup. 

The infamous “A Low Vera” t-shirt was spotted on Julia in March 2002, nine months after Julia and Benjamin split, three months before they were married, and shortly after he divorced his ex-wife. But Julia and Danny met on the set of The Mexican, which was actually in 2000. So does this summer mark the 20th anniversary of when they first started dating?