#PassTheMic is a campaign where celebrities “pass the mic” aka their social media accounts and expose their followers to experts and frontline workers so that they can share ACCURATE information about COVID-19 since, um, certain leaders aren’t. Some of the big names participating are Hugh Jackman, Danai Gurira, David Oyelowo, Sarah Jessica Parker, and… Julia Roberts. 


Today Julia handed over her Instagram Dr Anthony Fauci, basically the Lockdown Rockstar. 

As she does, Julia went full fangirl over Dr Fauci, her expressions as animated as they’ve ever been – that big smile, that loud gasp, those beautifully warm, heart-meltingly warm eyes. There’s a cute moment at around the 6:15 mark during their conversation when Julia says something that Dr Fauci likes and he tells her he’s going to steal it from her and you can see on her face, she’s delighted, she’s flattered. And they do have a good vibe. A familiar vibe. We’ve seen her like this with people like David Letterman, Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington – it’s slightly flirty but also little sisterly, without being weird. 


Video of their chat is below but first…OF COURSE it would be JULIA ROBERTS to get to #PassTheMic to Dr Fauci. Remember the line from Pretty Woman, “It’s the best”. Julia is the penthouse of celebrities. Dr Fauci, right now, is the penthouse of medical professionals. That’s also why Brad Pitt played him on Saturday Night Live. And now Dr Fauci is on video chat with Julia Roberts. Cue The Mexican memes. Maybe that’ll be the SNL sketch when/if things ever go back to “normal”, whatever normal will look like then. Because at this point it’s a given that the show will want him on for at least a cameo, right? With Brad? And Julia too? Which will only piss off that buffoon in the White House even more. 


As you may have heard, Dr Fauci hasn’t been doing TV interviews over the last couple of weeks with some speculating that he may not entirely agree with the administration moving to lift restrictions and not adhering to many of the guidelines recommended by scientists. And now he’s virtually hanging out with Julia Roberts after being complimented by Brad Pitt… how jealous do you think Donald Trump is?