Whatever Julia Roberts’ equivalent of the Beygency is, Duana is its president. Duana and her Best Friend’s Wedding Party (I just made this up since Duana says Julia stans are too old for a fan nickname) will want to come for me based on the headline of this post alone. OK, bring it. I can handle it. But I implore you to hear me out. 

Julia Roberts is my worst dressed because I expect more from her. This pink, BORING Elie Saab 
off-the-shoulder dress that looks like she picked it up *gasp* off the rack in between her kids’ soccer practice and a meeting for her next prestige TV show is so bad because it’s so lackluster, not because it’s aggressively offensive. I’d rather something awful than something this drab. I mean, I guess it takes skill to make a highlighter pink dress look dull. It’s a feat to be hanging off JULIA ROBERTS, a truly radiant being, and still look like a dress that belongs on Kaley Cuoco. 

I know, I know, you’re yelling at me because at least the colour is something different than we normally see on Julia. Or, you’re using the Duana defense of “but she’s never been a style person!” Really? The Stella McCartney pant situation she wore to the Golden Globes was pretty goddamn stylish. 


This suit she wore to the 1990 Golden Globes was ahead of its time

I would argue that Julia IS a style person when she wants to be. And when you’re closing out the Oscars, as a presenter who has to do some awkward hosting duties before the credits roll, you should come through on your game, not dressed like you’re actually going to your best friend’s wedding in 1997. 

My Best Friend’s Wedding is on Netflix and I’ve watched it way too many times in the past month (can you tell?). But that’s the thing about Julia Roberts, isn’t it? She’s the same megawatt movie star she was back then, from the dazzling grin down to the incessant urge to make everything about herself. 

"Goodnight to Bradley Cooper's mother and my children." 

The 91st annual Academy Awards ended with a shout-out to Phinnaeus, Hazel, and Henry. Sure, why not? If anyone can get away with it, it’s Julia Freaking Roberts, America’s Eternal Sweetheart. If that was ever up for debate, this wink will prove otherwise.