Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich are over which has been an ongoing storyline for months. Now, a new development. She’s “leaning on” someone. An attractive actor. Which is basically a euphemism for “pre-dating”, like testing the waters before letting the world know that they’re actually dating. This feels like old school PR. (Dlisted) 


Have you been the recipient of a small act of kindness? This week, I have received so many not-so-small acts of kindness from so many of you, and at some point, there will be a space for me to express that properly in a way that doesn’t take away from all my sh-t eating. Here’s a selection of small kindnesses that other people have shared. Good way to start the weekend. (Pajiba) 

In 1995, Kirsten Dunst was 13 years old and Lalisa Manoban wasn’t born yet. Some of you might be like… Lalisa who? And my answer to you is BLACKPINK. Anyway, 13 year old Kiki was pretty cute. This was a year after Interview With The Vampire came out. I haven’t seen that film in a long time. I wonder what’s like through 2020 eyes. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I must not be an expert in blondeness, and that’s OK. Earlier this week I linked to a post about Kaia Gerber going lockdown blonde and I thought it could look good with better lighting? And now it’s Emily Ratajkowski who’s gone blonde and I also think it looks good. Is there a general blonde agreement document that I’ve never read to be able to tell what’s good blonde and what’s not good blonde? (Cele|bitchy) 

Take this quiz and it will tell you which compliments mean the most to you. And let me tell you, this quiz KNEW me. It gave me exactly the compliment I want. Let me know if it works for you. (Buzzfeed)