Here is the other side of the airport style coin. Noomi Rapace went for a cohesive but breezy look, but Julianne Moore has opted for full comfort while traveling. She’s at the fest for Jesse Eisenberg’s directorial debut, When You Finish Saving the World, in which she stars alongside Finn Wolfhard. They play a co-dependent mother-son duo, and the film is opening the Cannes Critics’ Week sidebar programming on Thursday. 


Honestly, as much as I wish I was a Noomi, I am a Julianne. When it comes to planes, trains, and automobiles, I just want to be as loose and relaxed and comfortable as possible, so I pretty much travel exclusively in leggings and oversized tops. The sneakers, the wide-leg pants, the relaxed top—this is how I roll. Julianne gets bonus points for knowing that dressing in all black automatically makes everything look sharper and more put together by default, plus those excellent shades. What did I say? GREAT sunglass style already at Cannes. But what is with the coats?! Like Noomi Rapace, Julianne Moore opted for a blazer. I actually checked the weather, and as of 5 AM on May 17, it’s 62 degrees Fahrenheit in Cannes, France. That is not! Jacket weather! It’s a hoodie at BEST. A long-sleeved tee at MOST. At this rate, though, we’re bound to see a turtleneck on the Croisette.