BTS’s Golden Maknae, Jungkook, will release his new single, “Seven”, next Friday and while it’s not his first solo effort – his song “Dreamers” for example was part of the World Cup soundtrack last year – most people see this as his official solo debut because “Seven” is not associated with any other event, series, or artist. “Seven” is just about JK as one, which is interesting considering the wordplay, coming out with a song title that is more than one. 


Maknae, by the way, is the Korean word for “youngest”. JK is the youngest member of BTS and was given the nickname “Golden Maknae” because he is the ultimate all-rounder: he’s the main vocalist of the band, he can also rap proficiently when called upon, he’s very strong dancer, he’s a songwriter, and he’s a producer. Prior to joining BTS, he was reportedly offered contracts by several other labels in Korea – almost everyone in the industry could see his potential. And now he’s ready to take the spotlight on his own, at least temporarily while the band pauses activities so that they can each fulfill their mandatory military service. 

BIG HIT MUSIC, his label, described “Seven” as an invigorating “summer song” that is sure to have you experience the full breadth of Jungkook’s charm.” “Seven” is a significant number for BTS, obviously. There are seven of them after all, so when it was announced a few weeks ago that JK’s song was called “Seven”, many assumed (at least I did) that this would be about his loyalty to the band, a promise perhaps that even though he’s going it alone for now, he’ll always be one of seven. 


But yesterday, according to schedule, seven concept photos and a short film were released to promote the single. 


Ummm… I don’t know about you but the seven vibes I’m getting here aren’t “I’ll always be one of seven”, LOL. This is giving “I’ll always be DTF seven days a week”. Don’t come for me ARMY! He’s the one serving abs with his tats out and his legs spread! This is unmistakably a thirst trap! (And a Calvin Klein ad.) This is JK coming for the Song of the Summer with his body. This is JK stomping into his sex symbol era. 

And right on schedule. Jungkook will turn 26 years old in September. Basically the same age Harry Styles dialed up the horny when he dropped “Watermelon Sugar”. I’m not saying JK’s “Seven” will be quite as, uh, hydrating as Harry’s watermelon but it will likely generate the same level of thirst. Especially given all the rumours about the music video. 


The video comes out next Friday and it’s been reported that he’ll have a co-star: Han So Hee. 

She’s an actor – I’ve watched four of her dramas and she’s quite versatile from what I’ve seen, and a bit edgy, at least by Korean standards. I don’t get a cutesy energy from her, she’s kind of a badass, which I’m super into. She’s done dark action series and romances with actual skinship, she can range from ingenue to mistress… 

My point is, she’s an intriguing choice to be in JK’s video. I mean any female is an intriguing choice since there are very, very few women in BTS videos to begin with. And now, for what’s considered his proper solo breakout, for JK to have cast Han So Hee on top of all that thirst trapping? I’m actually kinda scared to see what the reaction to it will be. 


Or, you know, maybe it’s a total misdirect and JK and So Hee’s idea of summer fun will be stunt work and fight scenes. 

Here’s a behind-the-scenes feature that just came out today which I’m posting blind because I’m writing this ahead of its release as I’m in New York right now and the Oppenheimer junket just happens to be happening at the same time as JK’s latest drop. How dare they!