Yesterday I posted about Justin and Hailey Bieber’s trip to Paris, and mentioned that he was apparently scheduled to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron but that I couldn’t find a reason for why they were hooking up. Anyway, it happened: 


But even PEOPLE couldn’t cite an official reason, other than the fact that it was France’s annual Music Day yesterday so, I suppose, that’s as good of a reason as any. 

As you can see, JB dressed up for the occasion, no sarcasm. He’s almost always in sweats and shorts and slouchy clothes so, for him, this suit is formal. And if you’re Canadian, you might compare it to nearly a decade ago, when he met with then Canadian Prime Minster Stephen Harper to accept an award and showed up in overalls, and he was criticised for it, which seems overblown now, all things considered.   


Hailey, meanwhile, I mean this is a great dress. And she dressed for the audience. Because if she was meeting, say, an English leader, I don’t know that she would have chosen this fit. Imagine if it was the Queen? I would love to see it, if only to see how the pearl-clutchers react, but she’s not in London, she’s in Paris, known for high fashion and legacy fashion houses. And Hailey is a model, after all. So her choice here respects the office… if not the weather. This material looks heavy. Like wool. And she didn’t keep it on afterwards for dinner, changing instead into a pale pink sequined dress that does not go at all with JB’s wardrobe change, LOL. Then again, if there’s a couple that rarely matches on a night out, it would be this one.