Justin and Hailey Bieber were married in a New York courthouse last year. A wedding hasn’t happened yet. Page Six is now reporting that they’ve set a date – February 28th – and save the date notices have been sent to friends and family. 

It’s not a leap year, right? Which means that if the wedding actually is on February 28, it’s the day before Justin’s 25th birthday on March 1. So it’s a wedding until midnight and then it’s his birthday party? Milestone birthday too. He married her for his birthday… is that the idea? It’s so corny, I believe it. 

But here’s another timing question: what about that Vogue cover? Does that have anything to do with it? Does that have anything to do with the timing? Back in December, Hailey and Justin were seen at a joint photo shoot and a source told PEOPLE at the time that it would be their “first photoshoot of them together as a married couple”. The source also said it would be Vogue, on the cover, obviously. That’s not a small get for Anna Wintour, on top of the marriage thing, and probably an interview with them talking about their relationship, as it’s been a while since JB’s done any magazine shoots, any interviews period. They were photographed in white outfits and matching pyjamas and there might be a shot of JB with his shirt off with Hailey on his back. 

The February 2019 issue of Vogue was just released, with Reese Witherspoon on the cover so if the Vogue feature and the wedding are coordinated, we’re looking at either March or April. The March issue would come out some time in February, perhaps just before the wedding. That seems to line up? If so, it’s not unlike the timing of the Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas wedding for the Vogue January 2019 issue. 

As for where the wedding will be, Page Six says that the save the dates didn’t come with a location but that “the wedding party is already being styled and the dancers for the celebration are already in rehearsals. Tay James, Bieber’s personal DJ, will be providing tunes for the affair”.

What does “dancers for the celebration” mean? Are they hiring dancers for their wedding? Like a concert? 

Here are Justin and Hailey in matching pink yesterday in LA.