Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, after not hiding their situation at all in New York over the weekend, were in Miami on Tuesday, on the set of DJ Khaled’s new project. Khaled apparently gave JB a new Rolex in appreciation for whatever it is that is about to happen. After several months, almost a year even, of down time, JB may be ready to rejoin the scene. Hopefully that means coming out of the look he’s been wearing. I’m talking about the “showers optional” look, particularly that hair. 

Anyway, while hanging out on set, at one point JB was photographed carrying Hailey around straddle-styles. The video is below. It’s cute. It’s playful. It’s also… like… a throwback. Or arrested development. Piggybacks and reverse piggybacks are, mainly, the domain of young couples. Teenage couples. Right? Am I being ageist? It’s not like Brange, in their glory days, RIP, were running around carrying each other from the front or the back. But this is totally JB’s love style. He loves carrying around his girlfriends. When he and Selena Gomez first got together, way, way back, when they were teenagers, there was a lot of this going on, this kind of adolescent romantic body language. I remember it too for the five minutes he dated Sofia Richie. Which is interesting to me because, well, JB’s been trying to show us what a grownup he is for a while. “Grownup” isn’t the word that comes to mind here. And that’s not shade, I swear. It just…seems like he’s still such a kid. He was a kid when he was discovered. He was a kid when fame arrived. And what do we always say about fame, thanks to George Clooney. It often stunts you where you are. 

Attached - more shots of Justin and Hailey together in New York the other day.