Justin Bieber went on social media to defend his wife, after a fan of Selena Gomez tried to mobilise online hate against Hailey. To be clear, Selena had nothing to do with this and is also the recipient of this kind of sh-t too from JB’s fans. I can verify this in my inbox because several times a week, I’m hit with some of the most disturbing and detailed messages from people who dedicate a LOT of energy against Selena. And there are also messages with the same hate-intensity against Meghan Markle. So all of this is another reminder of how f-cked up people are and how social media has become a weapon they use. (Dlisted)


Speaking of social media… there was a mess last night when Letitia Wright disappointingly promoted an anti-vaxxer transphobic video. First of all, I’m not here to cancel her. I think what she shared with her followers is gross, but I also think conversation needs to happen so she can ask the right questions without disseminating the wrong answers. Maybe Don Cheadle can help her with that. Because then he got mixed up in all of it and, in real time, was basically getting confused and then corrected and pushing back and then backing off. Like I said, a whole mess. (Pajiba) 

Lily Allen is not wearing a mask while leaving a restaurant, even though David Harbour is, and I don’t know exactly what the rules are in London but it’s probably not a good look. Her outfit, however, is pretty cute and I would cop it myself, except I’d wear the dress a size bigger because I don’t like a waist and while the mary-janes are cute, this is still a heel and I’m not sure if my feet will accept a heel anymore. (Go Fug Yourself) 

This Rudy Giuliana testimony drama! Or is it a comedy? The flatulence is certainly comedic but I really don’t know what to say about the woman who also took the stand on his side. As many people have pointed out, this was like an SNL sketch – and I find myself really missing Cecily Strong because this is who should play her. But the latest is that Mellisa Carone, the “star witness”, has a criminal past because of computer crimes. SERIOUSLY, these are the people working on behalf of the current president of the United States. (Cele|bitchy) 


Quiz time! What songs would be on the soundtrack of your life? This will determine what kind of movie would be made about your life. There is no surprise what turned up for me: ROM-COM. I just sent this to Kathleen and told her that if she doesn’t get ROM-COM it’s an existential crisis. (Buzzfeed) 

And finally, we started this section with sh-tty social media so maybe we should end on social media but in a much funnier way – this was my favourite thing on Twitter yesterday. Did you hear about Nora Roberts stepping in to educate someone who was trying to tell her, NORA ROBERTS, about how publishing works? This is beautiful.