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Dear Gossips,

Justin and Hailey Bieber got married again in South Carolina yesterday and have shared the first photos – from the photo booth at the reception, now a common wedding feature. 


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What is it about a photo booth that’s so irresistible? When I was growing up, if there was a photo booth at the mall, there was no way we were leaving without jumping into it at least once. Back then, photos were so much more involved. You had to finish the roll of film before you could take it out of the camera and bring it to a store to get them developed, and sometimes that could take days. And not everyone had a Polaroid. So the photo booth was immediate gratification to satisfy the vanity. 

Now? It’s right on your phone…and still, the photo booth is a thing. Maybe because of the element of surprise. You can’t really know what you look like in the photo the way you do before you hit the red button on your phone. So when the booth spits out the strip, you still get that little thrill. 

That said, I’m not sure the Bieber wedding photo booth was a traditional photo booth, like a real booth, and not what’s common at events these days which is a photo station, set up in front of a white backdrop with a tablet encased in a ring light so that you can properly see yourself on the screen before you cue the timer. The shot comes up on the tablet immediately and then you can either send it to print and have it emailed to you or delete and try again. I’m thinking that’s probably what’s happening here since they’re clearly standing and not jammed into a cramped seat. That’s also what made photo booths fun – you had to contort your bodies around each other. 

As for JB and Hailey and these first wedding shots, this was likely her second or third dress. Page Six has photos of the two that seem to be taken immediately after the ceremony where Hailey’s wearing a veil and an off-the-shoulder situation instead of a halter so, of course, they’re still holding something back. 

I’m surprised she decided to go with her hair up and not down. Sure, sure, that’s the conventional wisdom with a strapless gown but that’s kind of an old-fashioned rule; you can still wear your hair down and get the shoulder effect. Not that I had a vote but if I did, I would have voted down for the ceremony and up for the party. 

More on the Bieber wedding later. 

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