Wild West Timberlake

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 2, 2018 16:27:17 January 2, 2018 16:27:17

Kathleen wrote about the Justin Timberlake Man Of The Woods rumours a couple of weeks ago. Today he confirmed that his new album will be called Man Of The Woods, to be released on February 2, and the first single is expected to drop this Friday. This is all happening as expected as JT is headlining the Super Bowl this year on February 4 which means he’s hoping for a Super Bowl boost for album sales. 

So… what’s the album all about? It’s about Justin Timberlake in the woods, all rugged and sh-t. Because he’s a MAN. Who is one among the trees. And the horses. The horses, they run to him. He’s the mountain man who rides them. 

I actually laughed out loud at the part where the “wild west” is mentioned. And then later he’s described as “earthy”. This, then, is the era of Cowboy Timberlake. All American Timberlake. A man of the woods, a man going back to the basics – nature, campfires, the forest. A man of the land. The man America needs right now. He’s here to Make America Great Again. 

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