Oh look. It’s Justin Timberlake on a red carpet. Oh look. It’s Justin Timberlake on a red carpet with Kate Winslet, at the premiere of Wonder Wheel, jumping in front of Kate Winslet like a jackass because….he needs to make sure you see him. CAN YOU SEE HIM? DON’T MISS JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. HE’S THERE!




So, just to be clear, he doesn’t just do this to his wife. He just does it the most to his wife. For their wedding portraits on the cover of PEOPLE, he had to jump on top of her head:

At the Oscars he had to get behind her and make sure you weren’t too focused on her dress:

And now Kate Winslet, Oscar winner and the undisputed star of this film, gets the honour of being upstaged by JT. Don’t f-cking tell me it’s just me and my hate-on for this punk. This happens too many times for it to be a coincidence or an accident. Why do people keep making excuses for him? You know what all those excuses add up to? They’ve added up to JT getting the benefit of the doubt and Janet Jackson’s career going nowhere for a decade. #NeverForget

As for Wonder Wheel

Woody Allen already carries all kinds of stink around with his own history. But Wonder Wheel’s screening at the New York Film Festival was especially poorly timed, for Woody that is, considering that the entire industry’s been swamped by the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse scandal. And then Woody commented on how “sad” the situation is and worried about a “witch hunt” in response to Harvey getting exposed, and everybody was like…who are you actually talking about, Woody? You or Harvey?

The reviews for Wonder Wheel so far have been medium. Wonder Wheel, at post time, is sitting at 50% on Rotten Tomatoes. Which is consistent with his last several efforts. A few days ago, Christopher Orr wrote a piece for The Atlantic called “The Remarkable Laziness Of Woody Allen”. Christopher posits that, basically, the key to being Woody Allen is just showing up. He rarely gives any direction to his actors. He’s said of himself that he’s an “imperfectionist”. Which is how he keeps making so many movies. Because nothing extra has to be invested in them. He’s operating at less than 80% on his projects. And when you operate at that (low) level, Christopher Orr argues, you can keep claiming that you’re creating. That illusion, that he’s a machine, that he’s constantly engaged in the creative process, is partly why he keeps attracting talent – but it’s also why he’s attracting talent: because as Christopher Orr asserts, not much will be demanded of them. Woody Allen isn’t giving his best and he’s not expecting their best. But they get to say they’re in a Woody Allen movie.

This makes me laugh, especially when we bring it back around to Justin Timberlake who’s going around thinking he must be the sh-t because he’s in a Woody Allen movie when, really, Woody Allen might have just cast him because he was too lazy to think of anyone better.

With respect to Kate Winslet though, and why she chose to work with Woody while denouncing Harvey Weinstein, she’s definitely not the first, she’s just the latest. After Cate Blanchett, Emma Stone, Kristen Stewart, Marcia Gay Harden, Rachel McAdams, Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz, Marion Cotillard…etc etc etc. It’s a lot of people. You’ll notice I haven’t included men on this list though. If Kate Winslet is being questioned for working with Woody, shouldn’t Justin Timberlake be questioned? And Alec Baldwin? And Colin Firth? And Joaquin Phoenix? Also Owen Wilson, Michael Sheen, Tom Hiddleston. Why don’t the men ever get asked about why they continue working with Woody Allen? I get that people have concerns about the Kates and the Cates and the Emmas and the why. But if rejecting Woody Allen is the answer, everyone should be rejecting Woody Allen, not just the Kates and the Cates and the Emmas, right? Where does that rejection start?

By the way? Woody had a deal with Amazon. Last week Rose McGowan called out Amazon and the head of Amazon had to step down because of a sexual harassment allegation that took place two years ago and it’s only being consequentially addressed now. Just a reminder of all those power structures that are in place and the network of consolidated power that’s making these decisions.