Rose McGowan was reinstated on Twitter yesterday after being suspended for including a phone number in one of her tweets. Seems the break only strengthened her resolve. Because she came back to Twitter to blast Amazon, appealing directly to Jeff Bezos. In a series of tweets, Rose reveals that she sold a show to Amazon last year and, at the time, she told the head of Amazon Studios that “HW raped me”. He didn’t believe her, said there wasn’t enough proof. Amazon was also doing a deal with The Weinstein Company. The deal went through, Rose no longer wanted to move forward with Amazon on her show, but before she could tell them, they quit her first.

After Rose posted her tweets, Isa Hackett, producer of The Man In The High Castle, told The Hollywood Reporter that Roy Price, head of Amazon Studios, sexually harassed her at Comic-Con in 2015. Among other things, he said to her that “you will love my dick”. Isa says that she took her complaint immediately to Amazon and that there was an investigation that took place, although she was never informed about the findings. Amazon announced yesterday that Roy Price has been suspended. Two years after the fact.

Roy is well connected in Hollywood. Per THR:

“His family has deep connections in the entertainment world: His father, Frank, ran Columbia Pictures and Universal Studios.”

Well that’s reassuring. So, like Harvey Weinstein, was Roy Price told to leave because he did what he did or was he told to leave because he was called out publicly for doing what he did? Like in the Weinstein situation, an internal investigation was conducted. And the results...? What were the results? What will be the results of the internal investigation of The Weinstein Company? What is the likelihood that those executives will assume accountability for making it possible for Harvey Weinstein to have continued his habitual predation?

Harvey Weinstein was the co-chair of The Weinstein Company. Roy Price was the head of Amazon Studios. In a week, that’s two major power players in the entertainment industry who’ve been removed from their positions well after incidents of sexual harassment, abuse, and assault were reported. This then is the power structure that Rose McGowan has been systematically challenging. But this is also the major obstacle. These aren’t just powerful men. These are powerful INSTITUTIONS.


The world is basically Google, Apple, and Amazon!

So when she said the other day that there were “powerful forces at work”, it wasn’t an exaggeration. It’s impossible to exaggerate the kind of money and influence and deeply embedded control that she’s rallying against. But this is also why she’s directly attacking the core, the power source. Because otherwise, the centres of power will keep building and maintaining layers of protection.