Justin Timberlake stepped out earlier this week to support Jessica Biel at the season 3 premiere of The Sinner. How gracious and sweet of him. He always shows up for her projects, you know? Maybe he’s extra inclined to show up now though because… you know. 

A couple of days ago, Justin was back doing what he does best: promoting himself, at a press conference for Trolls World Tour. Yes, there’s a sequel. Not sure if the sequel will include a song that’s as annoying as the first movie but we’ll find out soon because it comes out in April. 

In other JT news – last week Jessica Simpson was on Jimmy Kimmel talking about that time Justin came over to her place after she and Nick Lachey divorced and kissed her to win a bet he’d made with Ryan Gosling when they were 12 years old. So he was a punk in his 20s acting like a punk in his 20s. According to JT’s sources, the story isn’t true. 

“But a source familiar with the Mickey Mouse bunch told Page Six no such text exchange occurred. “It did not happen,” they said. “It’s a cute story, but she’s selling a book using a story that didn’t happen.” They added, “Who would even remember to text about a bet from 1993?”

Well, enough of us believe that he would remember to text about a bet from 1993. And enough of us believe that he would get other people to call Jessica a liar on his behalf, instead of going on the record himself, weasel that he is, because it’s not like he hasn’t hung another artist out to dry before. #NeverForget

I’m not actually sure why he bothered trying to correct the story though since… when has anything ever stuck to him? Justin Timberlake is always getting a pass.