*NSYNC released their first song in 20 years on Friday. “Better Place” is from the soundtrack to the new Trolls movie. And I love that for Justin Timberlake, I really do – going back to the band, having to dip into the nostalgia to generate interest in his music again…


But then again, it would be JT if there wasn’t a lot of “ME! ME! ME!” energy. And that shows up right in the way the song is credited. Here’s how it’s listed on Apple: 

Better Place on iTunes

*NSYNC & Justin Timberlake? But isn’t… Justin Timberlake part of *NSYNC? 

On Spotify it’s a comma: 

Like, OF COURSE. Of course! He comes through every time, it’s just so comforting, you know? No matter what, no matter where, JT’s ego is reliably durable. 


His fans, however, will tell you that this isn’t actually about Justin’s main character mindset but everything to do with how the business works. Since *NSYNC hasn’t released any new material in so long, Justin, the soloist, has more followers across platforms so singling out his name makes it easier to search. In other words, don’t hate the artist, hate the algorithm. And Justin is actually being humble here by putting his name AFTER the band name. It’s breathtaking humility, really. 

Here's Justin with Jessica Biel in Rome this weekend. He was also seen at the Ryder Cup on Saturday. Last time I recall him at a sporting event it was at the NY Jets game, the game when Aaron Rodgers went down with a season-end injury. Not sure if you follow golf but… it wasn’t a great weekend for Team USA. I’ll say what I said a month ago: I’m not here to blame anyone for a sport that is extremely difficult even for the best players in the world, I’m just pointing out that JT happened to be present and Drake has been accused of being a sports hex for less.