Before we get to the Met Gala, let’s talk about Succession – as in the real-life succession plans of the richest man in the world (at the moment), Bernard Arnault. I wrote about this back in August of 2021, just after Beyoncé and Jay-Z were named the ambassadors of the new Tiffany & Co “About Love” ad campaign, signalling a big shift to modernise a legacy brand that had, at the time, just been acquired by Arnault’s LVMH. Alexandre Arnault, now 30, Bernard’s third child, was put in charge of Tiffany and this is a very important week for him. 


The famous flagship Tiffany store, at the corner of Fifth Avenue and East 57th Street, has been under renovations for the last four years. LVMH took over during that time, and the remodelling is now complete, they’re opening to the public on Friday. Alexandre has been there personally to oversee the final preparations. Because the bigger picture here is that this is a test for him. Bernard, you see, has been “auditioning his five children” for succession. According to the Wall Street Journal:

“Once a month, Bernard Arnault gathers his children for lunch inside a private dining room at the headquarters of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE, his globe-spanning luxury goods company.

The meal, which lasts exactly 90 minutes, begins with the French billionaire reading aloud discussion topics he has prepared on his iPad, according to people close to him. Mr. Arnault then goes around the table, asking each of his five adult children for advice.”


He is testing them, measuring them against each other, assessing which one is best suited to sit on his throne when he’s gone. So it’s not an exaggeration at all to say that this family is like the fictional Roys. To go back to the Tiffany & Co opening then, a lot is riding on the reopening for Alexandre as he makes his bid for the crown. 

Which is why a lot of celebrities will be called in for the assist. And that includes celebrities from around the world, like BTS’s Jimin, who was seen leaving South Korea today en route to New York. Jimin was named global ambassador for Tiffany earlier this year. BLACKPINK’s Rosé also reps Tiffany. I would imagine that Tiffany would be calling in as many stars as they can for their event so there’s a good chance Rosé will there too. 

And of course this is taking place basically right before the Met Gala on Monday. Jimin signed with Dior a few months ago and they probably wouldn’t mind getting allllll kinds of attention thanks to Jimin, especially when you consider the spending power not only of BTS’s ARMY but the East Asian consumer market in general. As I’ve previously mentioned, Asia-Pacific is the largest consumer of luxury goods in the world. These brands KNOW that much of their income comes from that side of the planet. 


But Jimin could be checking off multiple boxes while he’s in the US. His bandmate, Suga, just released his new album, D-Day, last Friday and is kicking off his tour this week. There’s been fan speculation that Jimin might join Suga at one of his shows. But Suga also happens to be in the New York area this weekend and has a free night on Monday – and he’s an ambassador for Valentino. So… will Suga and Jimin be at the Met Gala? 

And there’s more. This year’s theme is Karl Lagerfeld, who in recent years was most culturally associated with Chanel. BLACKPINK’s Jennie is a Chanel ambassador. It wouldn’t be a stretch for both Rosé and Jennie to show up in New York on Monday. If four idols from the two biggest groups in the world are at the Met on Monday? It’s going to be louder than it’s ever been. 

Attached - BTS's V and Jungkook at the Dream VIP movie premiere yesterday held at Megabox COEX in Gangnam, Seoul.