This is major celebrity news out of South Korea and it should be major celebrity news period because BLACKPINK has been in our area for a while now and G-Dragon has been called the “King of K-pop” for years. He is one of the most influential entertainers in the Far East, and is one of the most successful musician-producers in the Korean music industry. He and Jennie are apparently dating. Apparently she’s been seen leaving his place on several occasions, stopping by after work and heading from there to go to work. 


Word is they’ve been together for about a year – and this is such huge gossip across multiple fandoms that it was trending on social media almost as much, or maybe even as much, as BTS’s Unplugged. Is it legit then? 


Well, her label, YG Entertainment, issued a statement:

“We can not confirm anything about our artists’ personal lives. We ask for your understanding.”

From my understanding of Korean entertainment media, which I would qualify as “medium”, this is basically a confirmation. Korean talent agencies deny dating rumours all the time – and they’re quick to do it. If YG isn’t outright denying it, it means they don’t want to talk about it, don’t want to comment, because it’s true. 

And it’s a big deal. Jennie + G-Dragon = Celebrity Super Couple. 


For the uninitiated, this is like if … Selena Gomez got with Drake. That’s the big dealness of this. And to go back to YG’s statement, neither confirming or denying, so basically confirming, this relationship, it’s interesting that they know it’s wide open out there now, and have decided not to fight it. Korean celebrities aren’t like western celebrities in that Jennie and G-Dragon aren’t going to go all Lori Harvey and Michael B Jordan on us, but I do wonder what a version of that in their ecosystem might look like.