Kanye West is suing Walmart because he says they ripped off his Yeezys. Side by size, the shoes do look really, really similar. And similarly ugly. Like… I’m down to wear some weird looking sh-t, but I don’t f-ck with alien feet, and this how they make alien feet look in movies. You know the Chitauri? From the Avengers? That’s what a Yeeze looks like. (Dlisted) 


Geronimo Louie is an Indigenous queer and two-spirit designer who is sharing how his culture has influenced his creativity through his clothing designs on TikTok. Last year he kicked off a fashion challenge, creating a look for every month. June is my favourite. Love the stripes on the sleeves. (PopSugar) 

Mary J Blige is wearing a tinsel dress, which I like a lot, especially now, after a year of dialed back fashion, to see so much sparkle and extra, it’s definitely the vibe. I would have gone without the earrings though and maybe a red lip? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Over the last few days, there’s been a lot of nitpicking about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and how much money they got from Prince Charles and whether or not Harry was lying when he told Oprah during the Television Event of the Year that his dad cut him off. He was not lying. This is about fiscal years and when they begin and end so now that that’s settled, can we go back to other details in the royal financial report like why they have to take helicopters all the time and who was the one riding them? (Cele|bitchy) 


As noted in today’s open, Canada should be "known as a country that tried to exterminate their First Nations” and the cost of that could have an impact on the planet. More and more, “scientists are trying to build on Native knowledge” to save species from extinction. As one researcher notes, “Indigenous knowledge includes long-term datasets that provide this massive canvas of information that spans decades to thousands of years.” (Vox)