Taylor Swift wrapped up the US leg of The Eras tour with her sixth and final show in Los Angeles last night. She’ll now have a couple of weeks off before heading to Mexico and then another couple of months off until South America in November. And after that it’s a longer break until she picks it back up in Asia in February. As mentioned yesterday, here in Toronto Taylor’s been daily news. Like reported on obsessively because tickets have gone on sale for her six shows in November 2024 and some have said that they “prepared for war” in order to secure them. 


Meanwhile, she’s making even more announcements. Pretty much right after the concert ended in LA last night, Taylor sent this out into the Taylorverse. 

Taylor’s album, 1989, is the one where she officially made the jump to pop and it’s hard to overstate its importance both in terms of her career and for the music industry in general. This album remains a major pop culture force, with several monster hits and several gossipy storylines within the music and outside of it. The Squad era happened during 1989. There were romances and friendships and feuds. Katy Perry was public enemy #1 during the 1989 album cycle and Karlie Kloss was her best friend. Then, a few years later, Taylor and Katy reconciled and it was Karlie who was pushed to the outside. 


Interestingly enough though, Karlie was actually at Taylor’s show last night. 

Annndd….here we go. 

For those who believe in Kaylor, it’s the moment they’ve been waiting for for years. For the uninitiated, Kaylor truthers are the people who think that Karlie and Taylor have been secretly together, in love, for years. They remain undeterred that Karlie is married and recently welcomed her second child. And remained resilient as the two really don’t seem all that close anymore. Then, of course, there are the lyrics. 


I’m not going into the whole f-cking Kaylor history. These are the bare bones – Karlie went to see Taylor on tour for reputation

That was 2018. But then, in 2019, Scooter Braun acquired Taylor’s masters. And we all remember their public dispute. Karlie is in the Scooter friend circle – she seemingly spent more time with Scooter and his crew than with Taylor. Scooter is Taylor’s archnemesis, so what’s her BFF doing hanging with him? 


Then came the music. From her song “It’s Time To Go” off evermore:

"When the words of a sister come back in whispers

That prove she was not in fact what she seems 

Not a twin from your dreams 

She's a crook who got caught."

You don’t have to have a PhD in Taylor Swift to point the finger at Karlie after reading those words. They were close like sisters. They were always twinning during the early days of their friendship. There have long been rumours that Karlie betrayed Taylor to Scooter. 


But now Karlie’s back in the audience. And Taylor’s releasing her version of 1989, on the ninth anniversary of the album’s original release on October 27. So the Kaylor truthers are living. 


Never mind that Karlie’s seats weren’t actually that great, the truthers are picking up on this: 

If you don’t know what that means, please, allow me to be the first to show you: 


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Somewhere in the world Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are married and raising two children. Elsewhere in the world, Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss are undercover lesbians in their own private paradise. #KaylorisUnbroken