The last time there was an update on Kate Beckinsale’s love life it was back in September, just a couple of months ago, when she stepped out with Matt Rife, a model. She and Matt were first seen together in the summer of 2017, photographed kissing in LA. My Photo Assumption at the time was that he was super into her. I mean it’s hard to deny it from those pictures. 

This weekend, Kate was not with Matt. She was seen getting pretty close with comedian Jack Whitehall at a club. British gossips say they ended up at a hotel together. Jack Whitehall is pretty well-known in the UK but is still trying to make a name for himself in North America. He’s friends with James Corden. He was in a six year relationship with Gemma Chan before breaking up earlier this year. They remain close, even though she’s now with Dominic Cooper. He is, like Matt, younger than Kate. Not sure if this qualifies as a relationship yet or if it was a night of fun but, either way – let her live. That’s how I would f-cking live. Kate was with Len Wiseman for twelve years. They separated three years ago. She’s been in no rush to get back into a serious relationship. Good. Why can’t a woman of a certain age participate in hookup culture?