Gender reveals are still a thing people do? Two in particular are making the rounds. One because it was ruined by a younger sibling, who was obviously not interested in spending an afternoon at a gender reveal party.

The second one is popular because it’s a surprise announcement from Kate Hudson. Meet me on the other side. 


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Kate’s family friends are clearly ecstatic for her, particularly the person who runs straight to Kate and goes berserk. I’m not being hyperbolic, she absolutely loses her mind with excitement. (I think it’s Sara Foster, Kate’s long-time friend and boyfriend Danny’s stepsister.) Also hopping into view is Jennifer Meyer, who has a cardigan draped over her shoulders (you don’t see her face). Danny doesn’t even get a chance to hug Kate because she’s celebrating with her friends, which is probably something he is used to.

So the gender reveal was a big deal for not just Kate and Danny, but their friends and family. Sharing the reveal is a big deal because there was no inkling that she was pregnant. After a quick Google search, I found a pregnancy rumour from summer 2017 that centered around Kate not knowing if she was pregnant with Brad Pitt’s baby. The evidence? She was walking down the street and touched her stomach. This is why bump watch is mostly bullsh-t and unreliable (not to mention vaguely body-shaming for women). 

Here’s another reason it’s unreliable: pregnant women can hide in plain sight. 


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But you know what should have been picked up on? Her reduced social schedule. As Lainey wrote way back in 2015, Kate Hudson goes to everything. I also touched on this in 2017. She is very active on the LA scene – award shows, fashion parties, galas… it’s rare for a week to go by without a new set of photos of her out somewhere. Being a red carpet staple has become a key part of her brand.

The thing that I can appreciate about Kate is that she never complains about the attention she gets on social media or pap photos (perhaps this is a product of being raised by two movie stars). It seems like a part of the job she enjoys. And, like anyone else who works at a job, she’s entitled to some time off. (It’s also again proves how many celebrities, from Tom Cruise to Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling, find ways to go underground, even in LA.) 

But now that the she’s released her big news, expect for her to be easier to find and back at work. She is a regular at the MET Gala, which is next month (I’m predicting an ethereal white dress and maybe a veil to go with the Catholic theme).

And because it’s her first girl, the baby shower will be a blowout – lots of famous names, like at her birthday parties. Great basis for her inevitable next book, Pretty Baby. 

Attached- Kate hosting a dinner event and out for brunch with her family last month.